How to write an essay?

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Essays are written in order to show the audience personal experience and offer their views on the problem. In this case, the theme can be any. This is a literary genre, therefore in the foreground the personal experiences of the author.

Characteristics of the essay

  • A definite topic in which there is a problem that prompts the reader to think.
  • Clearly expressed individual position of the writer.
  • A small amount of the topic and its specificity.
  • Confidential and open communication with the reader, but without the ingratiation.
  • The slowness of the story, so that the reader can feel the thoughts of the author.
  • The logic of presentation: internal unity, consistency of statements, introduction, logical conclusion.

How does an essay differ from an essay?

Essay and essay are often confused, but these are two different literary genres. The purpose of the essay is to motivate the reader to think, writings to develop writing skills. How essays are classified, read the article.

How to write an essay?

Theme selection

Focus on the list of topics offered and select the most interesting for you.

How to start an essay

You do not need to immediately “squeeze” the introduction out of yourself; it is better to move on to the rough sketches of the thoughts on the subject in mind. This will add confidence and help you find the right words.

Writing plan

Even in such a free genre has its own structure.

Introduction – here the author introduces the reader to the problem, creates a certain mood and a desire to reflect on the specified topic.

The main part – you need to prove your point of view with arguments, to offer various judgments. You can specify the opinions of other people, generally accepted truths and so on.

Conclusion – in the final part, it is necessary to push the reader to think, so that the author’s thoughts will remain in the memory for a long time.

Tips for beginners

Give as many arguments as possible proving your position.

Do not steal someone else’s opinion, an essay is the author’s view of the problem. You can specify someone’s quote, just be sure to specify the author.

Do not forget to check grammar and spelling errors. Also do not forget about the logical connection between the sentences. The text should be easy and understandable.