What is an essay?

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If poetry is the music of the heart, then the essay is the music of thought.

Every person has something to say. There are those strings that constantly sound in it, exciting, inspiring and moving it forward to the very last day of life. This music is embodied in the essay genre.

Essay is the freest genre. Hearing this, many begin to think that it is enough to let go of your thought to freedom and write about what comes to mind. Of course not.

A thought must be framed, and it is already limited by what you need to express yourself in a word, put your thoughts into sentences that will be correctly understood by the reader. It’s not just that a person conveys his thoughts to other people, but with a definite purpose – to be heard.

Essay is a dispute with the world. In the essay, you can argue and doubt that others consider it appropriate and appropriate. You can wipe the authorities. To call out great people from the past in order to enter into polemics with them in order to prove to them the narrowness of their views or, on the contrary, to support their rightness.

Essay is training. In any craft without exercise is difficult to achieve perfection. Essay – the best exercise for writing people. But on the other hand, an essay is a full-fledged genre, in the arsenal of which there are a lot of brilliant works owned by writers, scientists, doctors, teachers and ordinary people.

In addition, the very word “essay” from French means “attempt, trial, experience.” Maybe that’s why in foreign schools, an essay is a regular exercise, which allows students not only to show their level of knowledge, but also to express themselves.

For essay size is not important. It, as well as any thought, can be limited to one sentence, and can spaciously be located on two hundred pages. Even this shows freedom!

The three main rules of the essay

Three simple rules will help you to write an essay, which Viktor Krotov brought out for the beginning writers.

First, you need to write about what really interests you, that is, choose an interesting topic.

Secondly, you need to write about what you really feel and think, that is, to decide on THOUGHTS.

Thirdly, you need to write as you want, without looking at others, without relying on existing examples and samples, that is, to choose your own intonation.

The essay has a lot of varieties. This may be reflection, sketch, story, testimony, provocation, study, meditation, essay, retreat, research, forecast, expansion.